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UPDATES TWICE A MONTH FOR "THE MINDWALKER" :) This is the second home for my long term novel/work "The Mindwalker" which is a Paranormal Romance for YA/ Teens. All drafts are lightly edited firsts.

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When I had first read the blurb, I had to say that there was a uniqueness to the plot and character of Dean. The fact that he had literally inhaled parts of a demon and hence inherited the powers of one, is incredibly interesting. With Myth, (which is such a cool name btw) I feel like she's also a very strong character, and you get a big punch of who they both are and their struggles that they are dealing with even in the first chapter.

In all honesty there is a feeling that I get when I read this story, that I've read it somewhere before. It sure does fall into the category that you've put it in, read into that what you choose to. However, although there are very common and cliche parts to the opening, it hasn't failed to bring it's own originality. I've only read the first chapter but I must say, it was a very jam-packed hook you managed to fit in there. I must also admit that right now, I don't really like Dean's character but I think that's a good thing because it must mean that your writing is really shining through to evoke emotions in your readers. Yet at the same time, I'm surprisingly intrigued by him, I'm looking forward intently to his character development. I feel like despite my harsher comments I had said prior- that is really just me being harsh- that your work is really catching and good. This is a book that I will continue to read for sure. It is also much better than mine in my opinion and I have yet to take many pointers down for my own improvement. So although it may seem hypocritical that I'm saying all these things, I really do believe in constructive feedback and I hope that you do not hold back in your own reviews on my book should you do one.

Your book truly is awesome though. It delivers what it says it will and brings everything to the table through some really grounded and complex characters.

I honestly cannot wait for more and hope that although this may have been harsh, that you do understand it is the harshest I can be. There are little to none other flaws that I saw in your first chapter and in my opinion, I think there's also a good thing to being just a little cliche ;)


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