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It’s cool!

Okay this is seriously a cool beginning! If you think it’s bad, then you’re a big dummy! (Sorry not sorry XD)
Anyways, some of the problems I noticed is, punctuation mistakes and the spaces. You need to leave more spaces between words, paragraphs and when people are talking. It’s be easier to the eye of the reader (It’s gets my attention tbh) and to the people who use glasses (I’m gonna wear a glasses soon too :( ) so all in all, you just need to read more books to see how to edit your chapters (the punctuation and stuff) and take your time when you update (not all the time I’m just kidding) just don’t be in a hurry that you mess up the whole chapter and let a not so good chapter to your readers, it’ll make them stop reading your book. (you didn’t it’s just my explanation to what will happen)
All in all, I really love this book and can’t wait for this plot, it’s quiet interesting and new. Good luck dear, you’re gonna be an amazing writer don’t forget that!❤️❤️❤️

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