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A Very Unique Concept

[This Review written on 04/08/2022, reflecting the work as it stands]

Plot: The plot is engaging and different from your typical romance. The relationships are healthy - even though there is a defined dominant/submissive dynamic the dominance is softer and more caring as opposed to an ego-driven dominant that must be pleased and appeased. Opalin also shows a healthy polyamorous relationship that avoids falling into a stereotypical harem. Toss in a splash of the supernatural for flavor and you get a romance story that's sure to intrigue.

Writing Style: Opalin does a good job of bouncing between perspectives and showing all the major characters equally. Each character has a unique voice to them and well-fleshed out personality that shows through their dialogue and actions.

Technical Writing: I don't have a whole lot to say about this, but it is nice how Opalin makes an effort to show shifts in perspective and distinguish between the multiple forms of communication used.

Overall: While I'm not normally into romance, especially romance that gets a little spicy/erotic at points, there is enough going on where I feel like my time was still well spent reading it.

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