Robin Ray

Robin Ray (MysteryBoy) is a musician & author from Trinidad & Tobago who now resides in the Pacific Northwest of the US.

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I had a looksee at 'Not So Normal Yasmine' today. The writer has an interesting 'voice' that, if fully developed, can turn into something great. Overall, I liked where the story was going;. In fact, supernatural tales about New Orleans and the old south are perpetual crowd pleasers, if not a common trope in horror films. What's interesting about the writer's communication style is how direct her language is - and brutal. Because there are quite a few expletives utilized, some may find it off-putting. I didn't mind, though. That's her narrative style and I fully accepted it. My concern, unfortunately, is her writing skills. Because her story was rife with grammatical errors and inconsistent verb tenses, they served as stumbling blocks. It would definitely benefit from strong editing. In the end, I believe 'Not So Normal Yasmine' is worth the time to explore.

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