Hello! Just here to read and maybe write! Not a professional, but I do try my best; effort is what counts, they say!

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Well Done!

Hi! I saw your reply to the post I had made earlier and decided to check out your stories!

I really enjoyed your writing style. Everything is smooth and well written, and you do a great job of keeping the readers interested without over-doing the description of the scene and what is happening in the moment. There's a natural flow in the way that the entire story is presented to readers. You definitely have a knack for this, whether it's natural or just through experience and I hope you continue to write!

Also, just to let you know, there's a section in your story where a period is missing and then the next paragraph starts and the first word is lower case—which I believe the beginning of the paragraph begins with "pleasantly". I know that's not much to go by, so my apologies! But just thought you would want to know!

Thank you for the good read!

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