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If I have to be honest, this is one of the most wonderfully written stories I have ever read. The world you created within the story was so clearly depicted that I could imagine it without too much hindrance. However, I feel that my opinion of your story will be slightly biased because I adore dragons. Nonetheless, I have to admit the plot is fairly simple to understand and you managed to convey your message clearly. I love the ending. I like the fact that it is open to interpretation. Your technical skills are top-notch aside from a few annoying typos which can happen to anyone or perhaps I have found flaws where there are not simply because I nitpick too much when it comes to grammar, punctuation, etc. Last, but not least - your writing style... I am afraid I have not read any of your other stories. Therefore, I cannot exactly say what type of style you possess and whether it will continue to entice. From what I have gathered so far, you do manage to capture the reader's attention and you are capable of showing your ideas most of the time. However, the way you write demands constant attention which is not necessarily a flaw. It is actually quite commendable seeing as the reader's attention must always be engaged in order to fully comprehend what is happening.
Before parting ''ways'', I would like to thank you for the enjoyable read. It was definitely not a waste of time. I have to confess though - my curiosity has been piqued. I would like to see how you handle the incorporation of more dialogue into your stories. It will prove to be interesting indeed. I hope to read more from you and...I may sound a bit imposing and overstepping my boundaries, but (of course, you are not obliged), it will be of utmost help, if you drop me a review as well.
Thank you in advance and I apologize for the long jumble of words.

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