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First attempt at storytelling? Hats off!

Storytelling isn't easy. Especially creating one. As readers, we can dive inside a book and finish it within hours. But the amount of thought that the writer put into creating that story is something we cannot fathom. Every writer is a reader first. I'm a reader, and I know I can never come up with an original story this good. Writing poems and posts is one thing but a long story is a different ball game. It may have taken you weeks/months and a huge amount of thought to come up with this. For that I applaud you.

The ups. I like the overall story. The characters are well explained throughout the narration. Mishti is very well written. What I loved about this is that we read the base story by a man's perspective. You might have given it a lot of thought to think like one. Kudos.

The downs. Every writer has a different writing style. So this isn't really a downside. It's just the reader's preference. In many places I felt there were too many paragraphs. They could have been condensed into blocks and that wouldn't have made any changes to the pace of the story telling. So there's that. Also, at some places the transition of narrative felt dodgy. Like in Chapter 24, when the narration switched from doctor's perspective to Mishti's. Then again, it's not really a downside because that is what I took from it. Others might not have felt that.

This is your first major story (if in case you're not hiding stacks of self written books) and I need to praise you for that. Keep up the good work Aditi. The day I have a signed copy of a published book from you can't be too far.

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