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Seline And The Seance

For those who have not previously encountered Eric Macfarlane's zany Seline, this story in an excellent introduction. Seline stumbles through life scattering in her wake myriad misunderstandings, accidents and catastrophes none of which she intends. In this story her unintended but well deserving victim is the fraudulent séance medium.

The scene is set by Seline telling us something about her friend Senga who has suggested the séance and about the long 'gone' aunt who might be contacted. The reader is immediately aware that Seline is . . . well . . . different. Her thought processes are not like those of other people and her way of expressing herself can be. to say the very least, misleading. All of this is hilariously funny though Seline, herself, would be deeply offended if she heard anyone say so.

It is during the séance that Seline reveals what she is best at: cat among pigeons springs instantly to mind.
It is one of Seline's classic misunderstandings: lost does not necessarily mean dead. The medium flees the scene and poor Seline has no idea why.

This is humorous writing at its very best

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