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The review came a little late, sorry about that. It's a little busy out here :)

The story was really interesting. Just by reading the prologue piqued all of my interests. I love the time lapses and it's amazing how everything happens in 3 days. Although it's a little short, the story showed its point loud and clear however I'm a little unsatisfied with how you end the story. IMO I don't think Naru needs suffering from the hands of those people who were acquainted with his brother's murderer (that's only my opinion... this is still your story after all)

Anyway the plot was amazing. Naru's levelheadedness made me enjoy the whole story. Tho a bit confusing in the hints it's still cool. I'm trying to find some plot holes but came across none so good job on that. All in all this story can stand on its own if you are to add the rest about the remaining avengers.

Thanks you very much for sharing this and keep on the writes!.

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