Norwegian, female, extremely fond of fantasy, a complete nerd, loves Tolkiens works above all else, loves to write, also fanfiction. photographer, jewellry designer, painter

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lovely horsey tale

I really loved this tale, i have always adored the part of the books where Legolas is with Arod and it was so great to read a story which explains just how he came to possess these skills with horses. It was so well written and i just loved the way it shows things from the horses point of view. Very well done. The story flows easily, is easy to read and exciting. I do in particular like the idea that Legolas was taught some humility too, by a horse. A story irecommend, and as the writer says, anyone who has tried to persuade a horse to step forwards when the puddle ahead most certainly contains a school of great whites willl envy Legolas and the other elves their skills. It made me laugh and it made me think, a truly great piece of work.

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