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Not What You Would Expect...

Overall, once I got past chapter 5, I was enthralled with the story. There is much to be worked on, as discussed in the book club comments. Such as the character development of the main character and some more details that needed to be addressed. There are a few words that either need to be added that were missed, such as 'is' 'in' 'with' and other just small words that would make the sentence complete and not fragmented.

Aside from the small things that can be worked with and edited, the story line was definitely original and makes you rethink your take on angels. I don't want to give too much away. I had a few favorite chapters, chapter 5 being one of them.

There were a couple of twists, which made the story of Alli more intriguing. But all in all, it is definitely a book to pick up and read and fully enjoy.

Great job Lekat!

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