i watch aot and read manhwas 🕺🏼✨ i wouldn’t say i am a famous writer, but i am a experienced one. i hope you enjoy my stories, if you decide to read them 🌹

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Oakleaf Academy for Boys

I am in love with this story. Originally, I found it by accident while browsing the romance section on lgbt(q). I read this entire novel in one day, though not in one sitting. I, myself, am a writer, but I can only dream of being as talented as you. I am deeply saddened because of Steel leaving, however, I’m so happy and proud of Felix (lucky/blue) for learning to love himself and realizing he is enough. I am proud of Elias as well. Him vowing to get clean (on cutting) because he loves Benji is heart-wrenching. Your story inspired me to write something similar. I had a simple idea at first for an all boys home. Something original like a home for orphaned boys and teens. I wish to thank you for the inspiration for my story, and I wanted to inform you that the idea was completely inspired by you. I will be posting it on here as I write it and maybe wattpad as well. I loved your novel, and thank you again.

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