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P.M. Thomas is an author that always has a true love for the art of storytelling. He loves creating a story that captivates a reader and fills them with powerful emotions.

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Powerful and disturbing, a great read

Pertunia by author Garry Graham is a powerful drama and compelling thriller to read, it holds nothing back as it goes all out with shocking and disturbing the reader from beginning to end. I found myself unsettled often as I delved deeper into the heart of one woman's darkness. Pertunia, the titular character of the story, is one of those rare types of characters, one you feel both pity and sympathy with since at her core, she is just a simple young woman who doesn't fully know any better, all she wants in the world is to be loved, like so many of us in life do want in one way or another. And on the other hand, you feel repulsed and fearful of her since with her innocent state of mind, it gives her the power to do some very wicked and horrific things to those who dare threaten her chances of being with William as her unconditional love for him becomes a twisted obsession that consumes her and sucks him in with her into a blood soaked nightmare.

The story has some minor grammatical errors, such as "see" instead of "sea" but these little things while a small distraction they don't take you out of the dark and intense story. All Graham needs is an editor and these little issues will be resolved and the story will be even greater in its polished state than it already is now. But as it stands right now, it is still worth reading, you will be scared and unnerved in the best possible way.

Pertunia has tons of potential to be a best seller with a publishing house and Garry Graham is showing that he is an author with a voice, a vision, and great stories to tell. This book and Graham himself, both deserve all the best.

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