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This book was kind of unoriginal and bland. It isn't a new idea that Deku would be in the League, but despite the fact that this review is mostly negative, I think this story has potential. But we'll get to that later.

One thing I have a problem with is the pacing. It's VERY fast. We never get to know the setting or characters very well because of that. Why not see Shigaraki and Deku's friendship evolve and flourish, for example? If it were more fleshed out, it would be a lot better. This is what I think the main problem with the story is so far: The pacing is waaaaay too fast.

It has decent grammar, though. Also, I'm so glad this book doesn't take a comedic angle. If there's one thing it did right, it's that we don't usually see Villain Deku in anything other than comics, so to have an actual serious story is great! Besides the pacing, the author and the story have lots of potential. If you're reading this, author, and truly love writing - Take the pacing a little slower. It feels like I'm reading a synopsis, not a story. But your characters, setting, dialogue - It could all be improved if you try to slow the pacing down. But your story has amazing potential, and is probably better than what I'm currently writing. I hope this review helped!

- Preston The Freak

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