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Review of 'Bottles of Memories'

Linh Tran's novel has promise, especially since it is set in a scenario few of us are familiar with. The novelty of exotic weapons alone will grab the interest of potential readers. The setting is especially interesting also because it displays to the general public life in an unfamiliar time in history, with different social expectations from modern-day times.
The central character Is interesting in that she is a master of martial arts, but also an alcoholic. Her journey through this fantasy is filled with violence and extraordinary trials.
The author, if she intends to publish this novel in English, will need to improve her command of the language. She might also benefit by using light and shade: to have calm times, reflective times, as a contrast to the violence.
She will also need to target her audience, since it is probably too violent for children. Perhaps she would do well to aim at an adult readership.
A fine beginning for Linh Tran's writing career.
Frank Riley.

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