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WOW! Pure Evil... Because These Monsters Do Exist.

Now this is horror. An engrossing tale that you will not see coming. Mr. Carpenter's writing style is one I don't see very often: quick and to the point. No wasted words on pointless drivel.

Mr. Carpenter has created a very vile antagonist in "The Confession"... and it sucker punches you before you know it. The way the character's demeanor flip-flops back and forth throughout the story gives you a definite peek into the mind of a deranged sociopath.

Mr. Carpenter's choice of subject matter in this story is enough to make most people cringe. In fact, if you're not bothered by it, then there's probably something wrong with you. The actions that the antagonist describes will probably bother you, but you will keep reading; it's like an accident that you just can't look away from.

And though this is a bit of horror fiction, the real horror comes from knowing that there are people like this who actually walk among us.

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