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cool story

I like your story very much. Firstly, I think you JUST write a vampire story, but after I read this 7 chapter, I think you gave us more experience...

1. your time frame -future-past-present-past-present and I don't know what next, it really made me as readers felt no boring at all...

2. The theories about vampire, like vampire does get older but the time is different like hope said(if is true) and some vampire can't walk through the sunlight but he can, and you owe us the explanation of course...

3. The BIG question about : how can he survive the sunlight? how can Hope's mother know about vampire and the theories? When Clay met Rachel? Is Clay had a feelings through Rachel? But why I felt like Clay also put some interest to Hope.. And where's Edna? I thought Clay was crazy in love with her.. you just made us so curious about that...

4. The character... I love Clay whose kind inside but cold outside.. I love how he's trying to kept some distance with human when he's heart not.. I love how you gave us a conflict inside Clay's head.
I also love how Hope's didn't look like some pathetic girl or shy girl but she looks smart and brave.. I actually doesn't like shy girl who met vampire and her life is just depend on the vampire..

5. Different experience story.,. I love that the main character interest in each other because of they curious about each other.. I mean, I'm actually doesn't like that the vampire loved human because they blood sweet or because the girl has the same face with someone they loved before...

So, I'm sorry if my grammar is not good enough, but I love your story, you just brought us (the readers) a fresh experience in vampire love story... I also hope you answered all the BIG question in your story and I just can't wait to see your next chapter... GOOD JOB! GOOD LUCK! keep writing and keep updating!

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