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It is very much thrilling as unexpected events keep surprising me on an on...I almosg squeeled when I learnt that Ryder was a creature seer...coz I just had a bur idea of it! Great plot, loved it overall! Keep updating cant wait to read more! And oh! I like Eomma...sweetest thing ever ❤ And I think, the chapters could be liiiiitle bit short for like maybe 3000 words?..not critics at all..just what I thought...but still, great job!❤

I liked the mysteries and thriller plot twists the book rewarded me with. Especially the part where Ryder learnt that he was a creature seer.
Once I gain followers, I'd surely be recommending this book to my friends and cousins. Coz some of them are mythology lovers and they would love this.
4 stars for the writing because of the chapters length. Other than that, I loved it!

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