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A Crack in the Rainbow

• A brilliant plot, intricately woven, with deep characterisation, bringing out human traits and foibles, both good and bad.
• Fast pace, the plot builds up to a great climax, making the reader thirst for more - wishing to turn the pages quickly. The second half of the book is especially racy, with some great one-liners.
• Dramatic ending – but Badrinath needs to tie up a few loose threads.
• The sex scenes need to be pruned, though no prude myself, the story is a winner by itself and does not require graphic encounters to well, er,,,, "sex" it up!
• Probably the first novel I have come across where there is a detailed gay sex scene – this will be well received by the LGBT community
• The writer has interspersed nice colourful language with chaste Hindi abuses – Hinglish at its brilliant best!
• Badrinath shows a deep understanding and knowledge of the ad industry, which adds to the OOMPH quotient.
• All in all the book is a sure-shot WINNER!

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