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Dear Janet, You're ugly

This is a great story, Very different and unique, obviously written by a very talented writer. Scene descriptions, character descriptions etcetera, eloquently described. Story plot excellent, Story progresses at even pace with no dead spots; keeps readers attention and compels one to keep reading. Grammar needs work especially in the early chapters, but this is a trivial matter and easily corrected. Novel could easily be a best seller in my humble opinion. Now just a comment about the story line. I know the story is not finished but I must admit a sense of frustration about Janet's continuous rejection of Erin. Makes me want to jump into the book slap her up the good side of her face and tell her to wake up.. He's the best she can ever hope for. If I were Erin I'd tell her to go f--- herself. He now has Millie who has killer looks and a killer body. too I'll bet. Just my thoughts .Keep writing.

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