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Dorado, P.R.

Just someone who loves to write. 28-years-old. Author of the Omega A Legacy Reborn Series. follow me on the links down below.. Will now be posting Omega A Legacy Reborn Series on RoyalRoad.

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Good to read on break, just some issues with some sentences.

After reading chapter 1 I must say that I will be reading this each time I get free time. Of course, there are other stories that I am reading besides this one so, it might take a while before I write another review where I am further away from the story. Hmm, Will be interesting to see Scarlett's journey to find Darcy. The only issues that I have with this story are some of the sentences. An example is this one "Okay I will, and you must beat this cancer." Instead in my opinion this would be better "Ok I will find her, but you must beat this cancer. Promise me that!" Also in the next sentence, There's too many and on it. you can cut it after Emma say extremely hard. You can remove the and that follows. You can put a period then proceed to say that she will make sure she beats this cancer for her sister and her daughter Darcy. Other than that, I like the plot and the prologue. Well, take care.

-Jesus M. Arce Rivera (Richard Omega)."

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