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Risa Zugva is a writer, philosopher and seeker of different point of views.

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My prolonged fan-fic

This is a fan-fic written on FF-net and it has a great grammar thanks to my betas TattoedLibrarian and GlassSplinter. It wasn't a small feat to proof such long story that was often been written daily.
I love this story for many reasons, one of them being that it is my first story written in English, that it is a Torchwood story, which I adore, and that it has good monsters (original monsters) in it.

In few days it will be all done, we have just few chapters to go, and one big era will be finished. After more than 600 pages I have to say that it was a pleasure to write it and that I will read it all over again admiring it like it wasn't my own writing that brought it to life.

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