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Thankfully i finished the book in time to write a review :) when i was first asked to write i was thinking it would be difficult since writing for someone you know is very difficult ... its a thin line . encouragement should be given and faults should be pointed out too :)

Aditi made it easier for me.. i loved what i read and i wanted to read it at one go but it was not possible .. Many a times i would think about the plot during the day and could barely wait to read it at night ..

The grammar and punctuation are perfect and i loved the fact that i came across a word which i had to look up the meaning of after so many years :D

The romance was soft.. beguiling and there is delicacy in the emotions .. the feelings are pure .. The mystery was good too .. i knew Aryan was


but did not know how you would bring it about :)

In short i loved the Novel and yes could see reflections of Aditi in Mishti :)

Keep writing and all i can say is i came to know more about you when i read your story !!

And that is the most important aspect :)
Wishing you all the best for your future ventures ..

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