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anemogram. This author has always lived by the sea, and likes to write about the edges of things, so if you inhabit the fringes you may find something to like.

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Kroll: Magnify

Kroll: Magnificence immediately has a strong sense of place, with vivid imagery from the outset. The characters are introduced very quickly. This works well most of the time, as the characters themselves are well defined, and I had no trouble in distinguishing who was who, and how the different characters related to one another. I did feel that the initial introduction of the concept of the Berserker could’ve benefitted from greater description, both of the process of creation and the physical appearance of the Berserker itself. This read very quickly on the page and I felt that lingering on this part just a little longer would add to the impact of the act, as it is important.

Intrigue is created from the start, with different factions introduced at an even, if pacy, rate. The plot points are fast moving and engaging, which creates interest, especially in the scenes with King Wencelet. The writing style is entertaining and enjoyable to read, and I feel the enthusiasm of the author translate to the page. The economical use of language makes for an efficient reading experience. I liked the tone, which has a lightness of touch as the inner thoughts of the characters are relayed directly.

The end of chapters is skilfully done, always creating curiosity for what is to come next in the story. Great balance of description and dialogue. The main strength of Kroll: Magnificence is the immediacy of the fantastical imagery and the rounded nature of the characters. I was drawn quickly into the world, which is a very strong version of the traditional fantasy setting.

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