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I started reading this book this morning from a friend's post, and I just finished it - 43 chapters in one day should tell you it's well worth reading. Trever Bierschbach has produced a superb story, taking his plot through to the finish with precision. Nowhere in the book is one unplausible situation that makes you shake your head and say no way. It's real, it's possible, and it's really, really, really thought provoking. Totally recommend you grab your libation of choice, sit in a comfortable chair, and start reading one of the best new books out there. Kudos Mr. Bierschbach.

I dinged the author on the "technical writing skills" because of all the errors in the book. Many, many typos, missing words/letters, words run together, and even in one place the wrong name identifying the character being talked about. These errors in no way take away from the greatness of this book, but they are very distracting to a person like me who is a stickler for things like that (probably should have been an editor :)).

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