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The Mafia's Confession

So far I am really enjoying it and am excited to read the rest.

There are a few typo's here and there, but nothing that can't be fixed with a few revisions in the end. After all, we all make mistakes. There is also a sentence or two that could be structurally improved, but otherwise the grammar is very good.

The summary was a bit short in my opinion and a bit vague. But, after the first chapter I was intrigued. I enjoyed how the story started and it definitely drew me in.

The romance between Star and Lucas is a little vague because it seems like they are just friends until after she goes missing and it comes to light that he's in love with her. It would be nice if there were maybe another chapter or just extra pieces in the existing chapters that just fills in the blanks of sorts or adds little details that contribute to the development of their feelings, unless maybe future chapters are going to reveal flashbacks or something similar. Star's feelings are also quite unclear, however I do realise that there is still a lot more to come and this info might also be revealed in future chapters.

Overall I have enjoyed it and will definitely be reading further, and when the novel is complete I will write another review. For now, keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the journey.

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