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I have absolutely adored reading this book, which I loved so much that I showed it to my friends so we could talk about it, which was an amazing idea, this book is all we talk about.
As a writer myself, this really impresses me because its so creative and the writing style is absolutely amazing. Every chapter leaves me enchanted and captivated and excited for the next chapter. I have adored every sentence, every word.
This story single-handedly had me dragged in within seconds and I spent every second of my free time reading it and would often stay up late to read. The chapters are impressively long, which makes the story much longer, and amps me up more for each chapter because I know it'll last a bit longer that most stories newer chapters, which are often quite short.
Not only that but the updates come in so quickly, which is absolutely impressive considering the length, and even though the chapters come out quickly, you can easily tell that each chapter is written with concentration and passion, which keeps the readers even more captivated.
This story is absolutely amazing and I can hardly wait for each chapter. Don't get to pressured, know that your readers love you, and keep writing!

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