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So I love your writing style and I love a good fantasy read, especially if it involves dragons.... and I'm really sorry if this comes off as too harsh, but I feel like a certain proportion of Sky Riders has been lifted right out of the Inheritance Cycle. From the elves living in trees to the Astrum/Blagden parallels to the Burning Sands vs the Burning Plains, or even to the Kaers, which are so so similar in description to the Beors.

I'm really actually addicted to this story because it's really well-written, but I just wanted to know if this was a crazy coincidence or was it intended to be a tribute to The Inheritance Cycle? Or was it intentional? I don't want to assume anything, but if this all was copied intentionally, why didn't you just write fanfiction? The great thing about fanfiction is that you can work with characters and settings you love but your own plot, which I think is a lot easier than creating a whole other, extremely similar universe that leads to annoying reviews like the one I'm writing right now.

Just a suggestion :) I know the story's complete but the parallels between this and Inheritance were really bugging me.

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