Sean Austin Julag-ay

Imus, Cavite

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A Quick Chiller

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As a reader who dislikes horror, gore and the like, I'd like to give my take on this story. This one was enough to make my eyes widen and make me do one of my best worried faces by the middle of the story. Short, carefully-constructed twists prance at you all of a sudden as you read. The twist in transition between the narratives of man vs. man to man vs. self were very clever, as Clara finally realizes her case of schizophrenia. There were some unobvious loopholes in the story you only notice when you start rereading it, but are usually just hatched by the mind. Very few parts of the story, especially the introduction, may I politely cite, carry quite a bland and over-used construction, which just needs a bit of creative remodeling. There is certainly a large room for improvement, as potential is very good. Overall, this story is certainly a nice appetizer for a dinner of nightmares. ☺

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