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First off I would like to say i really enjoyed this book. Funny and serious in all the right places, well rounded characters and an interesting take on what would really happen if a fairly ordinary guy got super powers.

Aiden Malcolm, parkour enthusiast and "hero" of the story is a well developed character, with unique strengths and realistic flaws for a 17 year old male. With his father having cancer, his mixed up feelings for his best friend and the added physical and mental exhaustion from his rivalry with Chad, he makes for a likable and relatable protagonist.

However, where Dean excels is in giving the side characters personalities of there own that we can all identify with the people we knew best at school.. Damien Drake, the somewhat quiet voice of reason. Alex Brie, the head girl material, full of life, but knows where she lies. Jimmy Drake, the younger brother, constantly striving to be like his idol, and will avidly defend him. Danny Hickman (my personal favourite) the class clown, always has a joke up his sleeve, but knows when to keep his mouth shut in serious times.

All in all, I cannot wait for a sequel and hope that Nolan Dean is a name we here for years to come.

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