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Emma found her love, and I found this book

First of all, I have and mostly want to talk about characters. I love them all: Marcus is a typical guy in his 20s who would rather hang out with friends than be home with his parents, yet his caring side when it comes to Katie is heartwarming (I snickered when I read about doing make-up). Mrs Carter is a perfect picture of a loving, maybe too-loving mother. You cannot be mad at her even if you wanted to. And of course, Luke and Emma have incredible chemistry from cute wholesome moments to friendly fighting about movies, I was never bored watching them. I am not sure I have ever seen such relatable characters, amazing work.

Let´s move on to the plot. You would expect a typical romcom, which is kinda what you get, but everything feels fresh and natural. I could say many times "Hah, I have seen enough to know where this is going." but I never did. The author managed to keep me on my toes till the last second either to give a satisfying conclusion or crush my expectations in a good way.

But - here it comes - there are rushed moments and conversations. Sometimes I felt the conversation I read in seconds lasted for a longer time in the story. But it is something I will gladly overlook because it doesn't hurt the story in the end and there are a few of them.

I am a sucker for a good romance, yet my taste is hard to satisfy. This story managed to do just that and I cannot wait for the next chapters. Do yourself a favour and try it. I doubt you will regret it.

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