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Life for a lot of us normal girls

This is what every little girl dreams of at night,the happily-ever-after wedding then marriage!!!!!Most of us don't get it,but life stinks like that sometimes!!!!Just a touch of constructive criticism here:You might want to get proofreader top double check for mistakes in the story you might've accidentally overlooked at first!!!!!Your name is cool!!!!Does it come from the flowers found in Scotland or is it your favorite flower?The MOST IMPORTANT THING IS:don't listen to the people who think it's bad,instead challenge them to do it,they'll stop real fast to that,coming from a fellow writer(high school poetry to deal with it and other life problems at the time),it's not as easy as everyone thinks it is because the inspiration(for me anyway)takes time to come even for 1 story or poem,and can't be turned off and on like a light switch when it's convenient for others,also writer's block stinks to have,don't get frustrated with it and MOST IMPORTANTLY:HAVE FUN AND RELAX WHILE DOING IT(WHOLE LOT EASIER THAT WAY,FOR ME AT LEAST)!!!!Something that helps me is a hot shower or bath brings inspiration,along with relaxation,and getting inspired before bed or even in bed is not so bad either!!!!!KEEP A PAD OF PAPER BY THE BED TO WRITE IT DOWN COMING FROM THE BATHROOM OR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT,SO IT'S EASY TO REMEMBER AND ORGANIZE YOUR THOUGHTS THAT WAY,JUST A THOUGHT FROM 1 AUTHOR TO ANOTHER!!!!!As I always tell the authors I like,keep up the good writing!!!!!

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