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Bound at Heart

Wow, what can I say that will do this book justice?? I don't usually write reviews but this time I decided to make an exception.

Bound by Heart is a beautifully written novel filled with intrigue and adventure. I felt pulled into the world of Ilyana Faethyra and the dragon, Ronan. Now, I am a complete sucker for anything having to do with Dragons, which is what drew me to this book in the first place. And boy, am I glad I decided to read it, despite it not being in the genre I usually read.

The lore was well thought out and made sense in the story. Beautifully written to compare with myths and legends in real life. They paint such a magnificent picture of the world that is the Kingdom of Ezora.

While there were some grammatical errors, they do not take away from the pure poetry that is Bound by Heart. Being an author myself, I know all to well how easy it is to get pulled into the flow of writing and not realize the grammatical errors that are left behind.

All in all, this book is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves adventure and fantasy. Bound by Heart will surely draw you into a beautiful world of Dragons, Elves, and Humans and leave you speechless at its beauty and left wanting more.

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