Starling and Agrios

Hello! This is a mainly fantasy-based account used by two young authors. We are currently going under the names of Starling and Agrios, as we wish to keep our identities to ourselves. Enjoy!

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Wonderful start! (Excited for more!)

I absolutely love the relatable aspect of Chloe's character. Your writing style, and how you phrase certain things in the book makes it look like you really put a lot of thought, effort, and passion into your writing. One thing I notice is fairly common in a lot of stories is the overlooking of subtle changes in the point of view of the story, but I think that you've done a fantastic job keeping the story in a first person view.

Overall, your grammar and spelling is almost perfect. I did, however, spot a few instances where more punctuation was needed (mostly commas), or an extra long paragraph should have been split in half. I also noticed that the story sometimes jumps back and forth between present tense and past tense. All of these are common errors, and could be fixed relatively easily with a careful skim of the story. I read a few of the other reviews, and I also agree that the chapters could possibly be a bit longer, but the length of the chapter should really be mainly based on your personal preference.

I hope more chapters will be ready soon, and I am looking forward to reading them when they are released! This book has so much potential, and I am very excited to watch it play out!

Best of wishes, Starling

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