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SEPHORA. This doesn't feel like me

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My father used to tell me that "Hardwork is enough for it will lead you unto success" he's not wrong nor he was fully right. you see while being "hardworking" is nice it doesn't mean a success is guaranteed people always think/believe on it to make themselves feel relieved to feel like they're on the right path, right set of mind but in the end.. it's all just an illusion a hoax to push oneself onto believing that "HARD WORK/would eventually paid off and will make you wealthy a kind of title that would make you happy, HARD WORK" will mask up that lack of talent you really need Growing up *!??* had always been a sick boy a little running/moving would tire him and so leaving him stuck in home having no friends to interact with. *!??* picked up a hobby an escape from reality something that filled that void, reading a Novel about a world full of monsters and demons a world where a Hero is born. trrrnnnggg.... trrrnnnggg.... *!??* woke up to the sound of alarm clock ringing not remembering the strange dream he had *!??* gets up and head straight to the bathroom to fix himself and get ready for the online class. but somethings wrong his body feels lighter then reality strikes him realizing he's not on his parents house he immediately checked his appearance on the mirror alas!! he's on someone's else's body

Action / Fantasy
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"What is life" is all I've been thinking this past few months. trying all sort of things I could think off, now I'm back once again to being bored.

having just finished the novel I've been reading i can't help but to feel shit the ending of the Novel is not that good.

"Damn so he did save the world but for what? he lost all his friends and his Girlfriend after the war and is now left all alone haaa" sighing i laid on my bed and turned off my phone

'Pity he didn't get the happy ending he was looking for but oh well it's not like there's something I can do about it plus it's not my problem to solve I should be thinking about my own future on what I should do with this life of mine' yawning I now closed my eyes to sleep

I suddenly woke up because of a bright light hitting my face.

'bloody hell what now can't the world just let me rest I'm tired as fuck' I stand up pissed off I looked around and realized that I'm on a big room with glass floor, glass wall with a broken like shards of glass just floating above this unknown place and in the center of the room there's a sofa and there lies a man who's face I couldn't recognized no a face I can't see.

feeling nervous I slowly walked to the guy that was now sitting straight on the sofa and I asked.

"Where am I? and more importantly who tf are you..." the man moved his blank face straight onto mine.

'I can't tell if he's looking to me or what this is uncomfortable. I mean why does this man have blank face' then suddenly the man spoke with a deep voice.

"Do not fear me young man I brought you here to tell you that you have died and will be given a chance to get a new life" having heard what the man said I feel like I was hit by a truck.

'I mean I was just sleeping peacefully I get that some people die while sleeping but I can't I'm not ready it's literally almost Christmas and the game that I've been waiting for is about to come out.'

But wait, did he just say a new life?

"Wh-a what d- do you me- mean a new life? is that a good thing or what!?" shouting I asked the man, but he was gone he's not on the sofa anymore, then I suddenly felt two hands holding my shoulders there I saw him on my left side smiling wide!

'Smiling? This fucker had a mouth??!!.' Having seemed to read my mind he just laughed while flying away.

the man suddenly shouted before disappearing.

"You think that the world I created is boring and stupid so I'm moving you to a new one." His smile now gone, he said in low and annoyed voice, "Tch, let's see if you will feel bored once you reached that world, you ungrateful dastard."

He then disappeared leaving me all alone and not long enough after that I felt a little dizzy, and the world, everything started to spin....

I passed out.

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