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Beyond The Dead

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In order to stay alive, Johan Lambert went on hunt for supplies. As he ventures and fights through the endless hordes of zombies,something terrifying in lies within...

Action / Adventure
Franco Ardi
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I. Pestilence

Febuary 2, 2036



Explosions echo behind me as I make my way out of the city with the car at full speed. My pursuers, launching out grenades in an attempt to blow me to bits, follow up the booms with a volley of bullets, some of which hit the car I stole.

"Better give it up! You'll be in chunks before you can even escape with our supplies!" One of the gunners yelled.

I paid no attention at their remarks as I drift to the right, hoping to throw them off course. To my possibly fatal dismay, it didn't. My eyes dart up and down, left and right, for a possible spot of hiding away from these maniacal assholes, whilst simultaneously running over a couple of zombies here and there. Only now do I take notice of the ruined city. Houses were missing a roof, cars were inconveniently rolled over on the road, and the most notable detail: mangled corpses of both zombies and humans. The part that isn't helping is that even with all these features, I still could not find an escape route, or at the very least a diversion.

I grab the radio I brought with me and push the button.

"Nathan! I have the supplies but I got company with their bombs being launched from my six!"

"Hang in there!"

The pursuers fired another volley of bullets, the said volley doing more damage each hit. Thank God this car has a bullet proof frame, although it wont last longer. I searched for weapons I could use in the glovebox, hoping to find something usable. While it's hard to look in there while driving and not dying, I managed to find a smoke grenade and pistol, after which I returned to driving. As I drove and tried to find an exit, I finally for an exit outside the ruined city. As I reach in the radio to inform nathan of said exit, I also spot the worst thing I could find: a fucking roadblock with a horde of zombies. I look left and right for an alternate opening. To my horror, I never found one.


Putting all the force possible on the gas pedal,I braced for impact as I was about to flip this car over with said roadblock.


I awoke to so much pain. It hurts so bad that I might as well die. I remember how I felt the force of the impact, so strong that it was as though I was being hit by a truck.

I suddenly hear my pursuers footsteps near my location. In no time, I take the pistol and pull the pin fron smoke grenade. As the smoke dispersed, I made my way out of the broken car, limping heavily and barely finding shelter inside an old shop of sorts within an alleyway.

Thankfully, the horde that was close to the roadblock served as a temporary diversion, which gives me sone sort of saving grace at the moment. I look around the shop and realize this was a convenience store, with most of its supplies raided, leaving only little left. It's pretty wrecked with a lot of stuff laying on the floor, ranging from food to rags and some blood smears.

I suffered a bit of bleeding when I saw a first aid kit on the shop counter. I take the kit to patch up my injuries. After patching up, I take some of the food, in this case a pack of chips and biscuits, and eat. The feeling of joy I had cannot be put in words. God it feels so good to have food again. My euphoria was cut off when I heard the horde walking past the shop entrance. I guess the diversion worked a little too well. Well, that's what I would say, if I forgot the fact that my pursuers had assault weapons and armor. Wait a minute, could it be that-


The backdoor was kicked open, one of the men entering inside.

"He's in here!"

I draw my gun to fire. As the shot fired, the bullet missed, allowing him to fire back. The shot hit grazed my leg, but I wasted no time to fire another shot, this time it hit his vest. It knocks him down on his ass, giving me time to get to cover. While I was regaining my senses, two I hear two more men enter. I'm struggling to think properly due to the overwhelming odds. Suddenly, I get an idea that'll probably be my last.

I aim my gun and shoot at the water sprinklers. They spew water everywhere, catching the three men off guard. This gives me enough time to shoot the glass doors of the entrance, allowing the zombies inside to keep the men busy. I then rush to the backdoor, shooting one of the men near the entrance. On the way out though, I got a shot to my chest. This wouldn't matter though, as immediately after I shut the door using my remaining strength. A sense of guilt washes over me as I hear the screams and the gunshots of the victims who tried to kill me.

After all that, I lay on the ground, tired and bleeding. I didn't think this was how I'd die. I kinda wished that-


In a blur, a zombie somehow got inside and pounced on me when I was defenseless. It was on top of me when it bit my shoulder.

"GAGHHH" I screamed in agony as its teeth dug themselves into my flesh.


I reached for my knife and impaled its skull, Killing the monster. Yet as I emerge the victor, there was one glaring fact.

I was bitten.

The whole room darkened around me, with muffled screams and the sight of a corpse being the last things I see. As if it were like my mother turning the lights off before bedtime, everything went black.

To be continued...

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