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The Island

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I will have a summary once I’m done.

Action / Drama
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The sun looms over the oceans horizon, turning the clear blue water into a bright orange color. The ocean is heard rushing up the beach and back down, A large and broken raft follows this cycle as it sits in the water. On the beach, a small wooden tent, that seems to be made by a pair of people, sits comfortably, a few yards away. Two figures stand on the edge of the beach, one of them being taller than the other. They both stand completely still unfazed by the tide that seems to grab at their feet.

'You think we'll ever get rescued?' the taller one asked as he looks towards the horizon. 'Doesn't matter. Everyone is gone anyway and it's your fault.' the smaller one muttered. He turned around and slowly walked towards the tent.

Jared closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Kevin suddenly turns around and throws a makeshift knife towards the back of Jareds head with full force. The knife pierces the air with Kevin following close behind. Jared quickly turns around and manages to catch the knife by the blade. He winces as the blade cuts the palm of his hand. A blur of what seemed to be a human hand, grazes the side of his face. Jared threw the knife aside, grabbed Kevin's hand and spins in a circle, before flinging him into the tent. The loud crash scares a few birds in the nearby trees.

A small cloud of dust takes the place of the now collapsed tent. Jared looks at his hand while walking toward the debris. 'Kevin. This is going nowhere. I tried to save everyone on that plane including your—'. Jared was interrupted by another knife that protruded from the cloud of dust. This time Jared was able to dodge the knife but was immediately hit in the eyes with a handful of sand. Jared yelled in pain while covering his eyes and rubbing them to get the sand out. Kevin rushed over to where Jared was standing and pulled out another knife. Kevin slid towards Jared and cut the back of his legs with two quick strikes. Jared cursed under his breath while stumbling backwards. He regained his balanced and rubbed his eyes for the final time. He was infuriated at the fact Kevin wouldn't stop and listen to him.

'You didn't save a single fucking soul. You pushing Tyler out of the plane did nothing but make everything worse.' Kevin ranted. Kevin bolted towards Jared. 'If only you would've let me handle it—'. 'If you would've handled it, none of us would be here right now.' Jared interrupted as Kevin bolted towards him. Kevin leaped and kicked Jared in his chest. As Jared stumbled back, he grabbed Kevin by the shirt and brought him face to face. 'You need to stop.' Jared said firmly. Kevin slashed Jared's eye. 'YOU need to stop because clearly everything gets worse when you don't.' Kevin replied. Jared shouted in pain. Kevin thought of his next attack as if Jared would release him.

Almost instantaneously, he felt a powerful force lift him up and back towards to the ground. Jared had jumped forward and slammed Kevin into the ground, creating a small crater. Kevin let out a large gasp before trying to slash as Jared eye again. Jared held Kevin down while dodging the frantic attempts to cut his eye. Jared caught the feral hand, picked Kevin up, and slammed him into the same spot again, enlarging the crater.

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