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The Island

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'Moooom can I pleeease get one? Pretty pretty please?' the little girl whined as she pointed to an airport shop filled with all kinds of sweets. 'No honey. You had enough sugar this morning and I don't need you to get hyper when we get on the plane. You could give me your airport money.' she suggested. 'I'll buy you something better when we get to the resort.' the mom said. 'But I'm not gonna—'. Her mom glared at her. 'Not fair.' the girl muttered while looking away. She walked over to her dad and repeated the process, resulting in the same outcome. But her dad used silence and facial expressions to speak for him. Her brother was the last person on her list of people to beg. She slowed down in order to walk next to him. 'Kevyyy' she said charmingly. 'I told you not to call me that and no I'm not buying you anything. I'm poor Sophia.' Kevin said sternly. 'Fine' Sophia sneered.

Sophia looked behind her and saw Jared who had his headphones on and was looking at the store as it passed by. She saw this as her final and best opportunity to get what she wanted. As she slowed down to walk with Jared, he turned his head toward the rest of the group without making eye contact and said 'Nope. Don't even think about it.' Sophia rolled her eyes and sped back up to walk in between her parents. The group continued walking until they got to their gate. After the long wait they were finally able to board the flight.

While in the hallway waiting for everyone to board, Kevin started to get annoyed at how it was taking for people to pick a seat and sit down, which is his mind he thought was a very straightforward and simple task. He also thought that maybe humans went down the wrong evolutionary path at some point in the past. Kevin looked behind him wondering how long the line was. He noticed a someone, who was wearing all black, that looked a bit pale and nervous. Almost as if they were committing theft in a store and almost got caught by the manager walking by. Kevin chuckled at the sight of the man being nervous. First time? He thought to himself.

After a few minutes, everyone finally boarded the plane. While Kevin sat down next to Sophia, he observed the line of people that filed in through the plane door, while one of the flight attendants greeted them all. He noticed the nervous man walk in and look around the plane as if he was searching for something. Kevin wondered what was up with him but at the same time he wanted to keep his mind clear and relax while on the flight. He watched the nervous man as he went to sit in a seat next to the window. The man immediately opened up the window and looked straight out. Kevin's thoughts were immediately suspended by Sophia poking him in the side. 'Hey Kevy. You ready?' she said teasingly. Kevin nodded and said. 'Keep fucking around and you'll find out.' 'Ok damn. I was just messing with you.' she murmured. 'I was 10 at the time and it's been 9 years . Leave me alone.' he stated. 'Yes sir' she replied while saluting to him. Jared looked at the man next to him who was staring at a small object in his hand. He looked back up at him finally noticing how pale the man was. Jared unlocked his phone and texted Kevin. Is the guy to my left really pale or is it just me? Without looking at the man, Kevin pulled out his phone and responded saying, Yeah he is. I saw him earlier. He's nervous af lol. Jared put his phone in his lap and continued to listen to his music.

About an hour later, the pilot came on the intercom and went over the safety protocols in a very enthusiastic way, similar to the flight attendants. Within a few minutes, the plane headed down the runway and took off. Jared and Kevin have just woke up. They sort of expected to arrive at their destination by now. Kevin looked at Sophia, who was fast asleep, and saw her sweating. He took notice of how bright it was outside before reaching across her to close the window. Jared looked through the window that was in his row, to see where they were. A vast and blue ocean filled the window. He could vaguely see the curvature of the earth. The man sitting next to Jared reached in his lap and grabbed the same object he was holding earlier. Shortly afterwards he poked his head up and looked around the cabin. Jared started to worry for the man. The man stood up and excused himself to use the restroom. Jared pushed his body into his seat so that the man could go. He expected to see the man's figure to disappear from his peripheral vision but instead he just stood in the isle for a few seconds. One of the flight attendants came behind him and tapped him on the shoulder before asking him if he needed assistance. Jared looked at the man's hands that were by his side, which took an odd shape as if he was grabbing a spherical object. Jared started to feel the side of his body heat up at a faster pace than normal. Kevin, who had be eyeing him since he got up, had begun to think something was very wrong. The flight attendant kept asking if the man was ok. The man started to breath heavier while tightly closing his eyes and slightly raising his arms. Small sparks were coming from his hands Kevin immediately sprung out of his seat to subdue the man but he missed as if the man knew what Kevin was up to. Jared had grabbed the man and shoved him into the emergency exit that they were sitting next to, before pushing him through it. Kevin watched Jared drive the man through the plane like wet tissue. Screams filled the plane as the air started to pull on everyone who was near the hole. Kevin looked at Sophia, who had woken up due to all the commotion. She was covering her ears while screaming but the vacuum of the air made it inaudible. Kevin immediately rushed to her aid but started moving as if time slowed down for him. He saw the man with both hands pointed towards them and without warning, Kevin's family and everyone who was on that side of the plane, were immediately engulfed in a bright orange and yellow cloud, followed by a loud boom. The explosion sent Kevin and Jared into the side of the plane. The shockwave sent the plane in a downward spiral. Jared tried to move to the front of the plane but he was nearly glued to it. Kevin wanted to move as well but he was barely conscious and was still in shock of what just happened. His mind and body was overstimulated from the plane spiraling downward, the pain from the explosion, and the pain of losing all he had left.

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