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Rain's Journey

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Rain Onyx is a powerful girl who was born a leader, but she does not yet know that. When Rain is twenty-three, her hometown starts to collapse, so she leads the civilians to a new home. This is the journey of Rain Onyx as she discovers who she is and what her purpose is. Author's note: This is my backup account, my works can also be found on Booksie. My username for Booksie is practically the same (J. Wang). Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it. - J_Wang

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Rain looked up at the towering school in front of her. Her boarding school. On the front of the school were the words Vax Hall Boarding School. She wasn’t sure she wanted to go in. But she didn’t have a choice. She walked in. Not far from the entrance was a sign. It read: WELCOME STUDENTS! PLEASE PROCEED TO THE GYM FOR THE PROPER INTRODUCTION AND TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR HOUSE. There was a shelf with maps on it. Tentatively grabbing one, she unrolled it and headed in the direction of the gym. When she got there a teacher guided her to sit down. Rain watched, twisting a few strands of her hazel brown hair, as more students filed in. Eventually, everyone arrived and the principal began her speech.

“Welcome to Vax Hall Boarding School. I am Ms Nyx, the principal of this school. There are four houses, all of which are named after equally important traits. Whatever house you are in has been chosen randomly. However, once you are placed in a house, you WILL learn the trait it is named after. Each house has a captain. They will now introduce themselves.”

A girl with black hair cut to shoulder length and brown eyes introduced herself as Mint, leader of the Leadership house. Another girl with blond hair in a messy bun and startling green eyes introduced herself as Starflower, captain of the Honesty house. A boy with red hair and bright blue eyes called himself Cardinal. He was head of the Intuition house. The captain of the Patience house was another adolescent boy with messy brown hair and grey eyes.

“Thank you,” Ms Nyx began, “You will now be told your houses.”

Rain listened carefully for her name. Eventually, it came.

“Rain Onyx, Leadership house.”

Rain was surprised. Her, in the house with people learning leadership? It was hard to believe. She walked to the line behind Mint and waited as the last few people made their way to the leader of their house.

“Well, that’s everybody, so let’s go.”


She was led through buildings until they came to a corridor with a sign LEADERSHIP in curved letters at the top.

“Boys go to the left, girls to the right, if you are neither or both go straight.”

Obediently, Rain walked into the corridor and turned right. Lines of doors greeted her. On each one there was a sheet of paper with who was inside and a zip lock bag containing four keys each. No. 78. She fished around the bag until she got the key with her name imprinted on it. Then she fitted the key into the lock and looked around at where she would be living for the next six years except for the summer and until she went to university.

Along one wall there were four beds. Each bed had a white curtain hanging around it and a blanket along with the clothes that they had all ordered before their arrival neatly folded at the end. Beside each bed were a mahogany brown table and the timetable printed on it. In the middle of the room, there were four one-seater couches organised in a circle around a circular glass table. There was a bookshelf in the corner left of the couches and table. Outside, it was already dark. She spotted a door that led to the bathroom. She grabbed her nightgown and her bathroom supplies and headed through. Once changed, Rain looked at her reflection in the mirror. After a long day of travel, it was safe to say she looked like a mess. Her hair was frizzing, and her dark blue eyes, normally shining like the ocean, were dull with exhaustion. She brushed her teeth, washed her face and headed to bed. She fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Monday Session 1: History

Rain walked briskly through the halls until she found history class. The teacher nodded at her, and she took a seat beside a girl with long fair hair tied into braids and light brown eyes. The girl leaned closer.

“Hiya! I’m Feather, what’s your name?”

“R-Rain” she stammered, surprised.

“Isn’t this EXCITING? We’re gonna learn so many cool things about being a leader! I can’t wait, can you? I wonder what we’re going to learn in history today?”

Rain smiled. It seemed as if she had just made a new friend. Vax Hall Boarding School was less intimidating now that she had a friend. It occurred to her that she hadn’t gotten a good glimpse of her roommates. Perhaps she would say hi to them if she saw them back at her dorm. She glanced at everyone who came in with a new curiosity. Three of these were her roommates. She wondered which ones they were. The boy who had his hair dyed blue with green eyes? The redheaded girl with brown eyes? Feather, maybe even. She was snapped out of her thoughts by the teacher saying:

’Alright, class, let’s begin,” The teacher began, “Today we are learning about the history behind why everyone is named after something you can find in life...”


“... so what you need to do for homework is write a three-page essay on the history behind why everyone is named after something that is usually common in life. Class dismissed.”

Rain got up from her chair and checked her schedule. Her next class was Social Science. Suddenly, she realised she had left her notepad in her dorm. She would want to take notes for some of these classes. Hastily, she walked back to her dorm to realise she had also forgotten her keys, and the last person to leave must have locked the door. Fantastic. Thankfully, today didn’t seem to be all bad luck, because one of her roommates arrived and unlocked the door. Quietly, she walked in behind her roommate.

“Did you forget your keys?” she asked sounding amused. “Happens to me all the time. I’m Smoke by the way.”

Smoke extended her hand out and Rain shook it.

“My name is Rain. Nice to meet you.”

Rain grabbed her keys and notepad, and walked with Smoke to Social Science.


Now that class was over, Rain and Smoke said a polite ‘see you later’ to Feather and left for their dorm. They found their two other roommates, both boys, lounging on two of the couches. One had pale skin, light brown hair, and grey eyes; the other had maroon hair, green eyes, and freckled skin. Smoke waved cheerily at them both. The girls sat down on the free couches. She remembered their Social Studies homework was to talk to them and find a topic they all cared about.

“I’m Rain,” she began,

“My name is Smoke,”

“Leaf,” the maroon-haired boy introduced himself.

“I’m called Wind”, the other boy said.

“What do you all want to do when you grow up?” Rain asked.

“You mean if we don’t all end up being leaders of some random co-op? I would want to be an explorer,” Leaf responded.

“A racer,” Wind added.

“Probably a welder,” Smoke said slowly. “How about you?”

“A swimmer most likely,” Rain decided.

“Will you look at that, if we don’t all become bosses, you may bump into Wind again at a sporting event,” Smoke teased.

Rain smiled and shook her head. It seemed that with every new friend she made, the size of Vax Hall seemed to shrink. It was still a large school, but at least she didn’t feel as isolated as before. Rain fished out her other homework pieces and got started. Literacy homework: Handwriting. Handwriting? Okay. Learning Intention: For all students to be able to write a legible piece. If you need to give someone instructions on paper, they must be able to read your writing. Your task today is to write a recount of your day. Rain picked up the pen and began.

Today, at six-thirty a.m. I awoke. I then...


Rain slid her finished History draft into her folder, placed that on her bedside table, did her bedtime routine, and finally, finally, laid in bed and pulled the blanket over her and waited for sleep to wrap her up in its embrace.

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