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What if humans had no limit to how powerful they could become? Well, a lot of other races would fear them, and would want to get rid of them. That's exactly what happens in this story. Follow Obu Nabunaga, as he fights to protect humanity from threats such as alien invasions, other humans, and more!

Action / Humor
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Book 1 Chapter 1

Obu Nabunaga opened his eyes, but only saw black. He felt a huge load on his back, and he was dizzy. What was happening? What had just happened? Oh right, the city was being invaded by the Glagons, and a building had just been blasted. Obu then had the realisation of where he was - under a pile of rubble.

Obu tried to get up. His vigorous training, which led to his incredible strength, definitely helped. Upon getting up, a concrete slab was launched into the air. Obu knew to take advantage of this.

Obu unsheathed his katana with a swoosh which rattled the battlefield. The air around him turned into a gust of wind, blowing away surrounding rubble. He glanced at his glistening blade, and saw his reflection. He was looking a little rough. His face was covered in soot and he had some scratches - although that didn’t surprise him, considering what had just happened. His short black hair was looking as curly as ever. Did he have mud on his face? Wait, no - he’s just black. Obu wondered how he forgot that fact.

Obu realised he was getting distracted. He remembered that that concrete slab was still in the air. He looked up and saw a colony of red spaceships blocking the sky. The sight disgusted him.

“You think you can just come here and disturb the lives of some people minding their own business?” Obu shouted.

“You know what happens when you mess with humans?” he whispered menacingly.

He shouted, “You face me!”

And with that, he raised his katana up and sliced repeatedly at the slab of concrete, turning it into a thousand pieces. He then sheathed his katana swiftly, brought up his fist, and punched the concrete slab above him so hard that it momentarily froze not just reality, but the plot of this story.

With the mighty punch, a thousand pieces of concrete were shot at a high velocity into the sky. The sky was filled with a bulletstorm of projectiles which were flying towards the Glagons' ships. The pieces pierced the engines and soon the sky would be filled with a fiery array of explosions.

The pieces of concrete continued, and kept going in space. They eventually reached the Glagons' home planet, and pierced all of the Glagons' nuclear bombs, setting them off and blowing up the entire planet.

However, left there was King Glagon and a new device he created - the system restore point. He activated it, and it reversed reality by a few seconds, bringing us back to where we were before - after the ships had been blown up.

Aerial armaments were down, but the fight wasn’t over yet. A 1000 man army was marching towards the city and rapidly approaching. The Group of Glagons would look like a blood splatter if you looked from a map due to their cherry red scales. They were muscular, with crocodilian mouths, yet still humanoid, and had irises which matched the colour of their scales.

Obu turned to the army’s direction and smirked. He put his hand on the hilt of his sword and unsheathed it, slicing so hard that a massive shockwave was created which sliced through the army. In the aftermath, only one Glagon of that army remained.

Obu jumped in the air, reaching all the way to the other side of the city and slicing the Glagon clean in half. You would think that would be it, but that was only one battalion. In front of Obu, about 2 kilometres away, was another army even bigger than the last, and this one was led by someone - Glagon General Theseus.

Seeing this army approaching, Obu ran across the city, stomping so hard that the ground cracked under him. He went so fast that shattered windows were left in his wake, and he reached his destination in 4 seconds tops.

General Theseus was standing in front of his army. He towered over the other Glagons, and he was half covered in armour.

“I see… you destroyed that army - but they were weak,” said General Theseus. “You are still no match against me… and if you want to find out for real, then face me.”

Obu accepted that challenge. He jumped up and brought his sword over his head, swinging down towards the general, but he blocked with his shield and the force of the impact sent them both flying back as a mighty clang roared out.

Obu landed on his feet, but as he got up, General Theseus was ready for him. He had brought out his laser cannon, and as Obu got up, he fired it at Obu. The beam went straight through his abdomen, creating a cannonball sized hole, and Obu knelt down on all fours. Obu couldn’t stop here, he had to go on. He tried to focus, he tried to heal, but the pain was too immense, and he collapsed.

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