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Action / Adventure


A sequel to the first book in the series named ‘ICEFALL’ where David Bower determines that the relentless progress of global warming will result in the collapse of the Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctic which in turn will create a catastrophe in the form of a fifteen metre Tsunami travelling at speed around the world. David thinks all major ports and most oil refineries in the world will consequently be destroyed resulting in food distribution coming to an immediate halt. He persuades his immediate family that apart from the millions that will die when the Tsunami hits, millions more will die from starvation as food supplies dry up.

David’s daughter-in-law Tanya also reluctantly comes to a similar view through her own independent research. After a few months of trying to deny her own conclusions, she becomes firmly committed to David’s plan to create a settlement in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, and together with David, they become the main driving force behind the development of The Settlement, as it becomes known. The main features of the project are self-sufficiency and as importantly the ability to become completely isolated once the Tsunami hits. A military Academy is created.

Part one of ‘ICEFALL’ deals with the challenges of creating such a place; combating scepticism from the wider community and from within the family, as well as Government interference, not to mention natural disasters such as floods and bushfires.

The second part of ‘ICEFALL’ concerns itself with the aftermath of the catastrophe, which, in terms of the effect on the wider world is as bad as had been envisaged. They also unearth a number of surviving communities many of whom have vastly differing values to those created within The Settlement. Attempting to cooperate with those communities results in awkward situations and substantial conflicts.


David Bower- The original leader of the Settlement. Deceased.

Tanya Bower- Now leader of the Settlement

Mark Bower- Tanya’s Husband. Head of the Settlement Academy. Son of David and Chloe.

Derain- Leader of a local Aboriginal group. Responsible for teaching the Settlement people about the bush and how to survive in it.

General Jonathan Bower- Mark Bower’s younger brother. Head of the elements of the Australian military to have survived the aftermath of the tsunami and the consequential flood.

Stephanie. Talented young woman in charge of the development of the Amazon establishment and further developments east of there.

Patricia. David Bower’s daughter. Married to Joe.

Joe. The technical genius behind the developments at the Settlement, particularly the application of solar power.

Virginia. Elected leader of the Kanangra settlement. Was Mark Bower’s mistress.

Chloe. Was David Bower’s wife. Now living in the Viking village and is Thor’s mistress.

Roger. Much trusted long term resident of the Settlement. 2 i/c of the Academy.

Kim. Joe and Patricia’s daughter. Tanya’s niece.

Jason. Joe and Patricia’s son. Tanya’s nephew.

Thor. Head of the Viking establishment.

Hercules. Thor’s son

Susan. Now married to Hercules. Kim and Chloe rescued her in the bush during their escape from Sydney at the time of the flood. During the journey she found she was pregnant. Her young child, Barry, was murdered.

Venus. Thor’s daughter. Jason’s wife.

Louis. Leader of the Taree village.

Colonel Jacobs. Part of the military establishment.

Chas. Tanya and Mark’s eldest son

Didier. Tanya and Mark’s younger son

Eustace Thornbury. American helicopter pilot. Rescued by an aboriginal group.

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