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Untamed Feelings

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Self obsessed mafia bosses (Mob bosses) fighting for over years. But they never saw each other. The actually want normal life with peace not with blood. But fate brings them to this cruel world. And they had no choice except accepting their fate. They met at the bar while being their self rather than any boss or any ruthless person. And some how they fell for each other. What will happen when they get to know that they are thirsty for each other's blood. Will they remains same and love each other or they will ill each other? Will they choose each other or their revenge?

Action / Romance
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They are enjoying the feast (Guerra Family) with their relatives and friends in great hall of the Guerra Mansion. Family table is full of dishes. Wine glasses are place on table, in front of members. It is the happiest day for them because the loving elder daughter of Rolland Guerra is getting married to his most trusted and close friend’s son.

Rolland Guerra is the most dangerous , richest and coldest person. He is a man of his words. But for his family, he is caring, loving and kind person. He is generous only for his family. He loves his family a lot. He can kill and die for them. He has a wife and two children, a daughter and a son.

His son didn’t want to be the part of his black world. He is too kind to him that he he didn’t force him. Instead he sent him New York for studies. He wants him to stay away from this just because his son didn’t want to.

His son is coming today, for his sister’s wedding. They were waiting for him to arrive so that they will start the dinner just when Rolland’s phone rang on table. He grabbed the phone form table. He received the call and placed the phone on his ear :

Other line : Sir flight is late due to bad weather.

Rolland : Hell!

Other line : Sorry sir.

Son : You should start dinner without me otherwise you all will be starving to death till morning.(He mocks.)

Rolland : Haha Stay safe Cub. (He chuckles)

Son : I will.

Rolland : Just make sure he is safe.

Other line : Don’t worry sir, Have a good evening.

He declined the call. “Flight is late due to bad weather, he will be late.” , he said “We have eat without him.”

He takes his wine glass and holds in air. “To my loving daughter and son-in-law.” He cheers “Stay blessed my kids.” Everybody cheers with him. And takes a sip from their glasses. Rolland takes a fork and stabs it Creamy Lemon Parmesan Chicken Piccata and takes it his mouth. Suddenly main doors slams open. Everybody looks at the door when some men comes inside with guns. They are all in black dress. As they enters the hall they starts firing. In a minutes there is no living soul in hall except Rolland. They spared him.

When they were firing Rolland took out his gun when a man in his 50s wearing black suit with gun came to him and hit his head with his gun twice. Rolland fell on the ground and protest but the man hit him again and again until he blacked out. Blood was oozing from his head where he hit. And took him to the corner of the hall.

A person in black with covered face appear in front of him. Old man is standing beside Rolland. The person is sitting in front of Rolland on a chair. Rolland gets the conscious, he looks at the person in with droopy eyes and snaps. He is now in his senses. The person gestures the old man for something. Old man gives him a blade with black handle. He takes the blade and sits on his knee in front of Rolland. He takes the blade to Rolland's neck while other hand is goes to his mask which is covering his face. He takes off his mask.

Rolland gets confused by seeing his face. He is not a guy she is a girl in her early 20's. "Who are you?" Rolland asks her in confusion.

"The one whom you ruined" she whispers with anger in it "Now it's my turn." she smirked.

She takes holds her blade in air between Rolland and herself. "Remember this?" she asked as she watch in his eyes, she searches fear in his eyes but she sees it disappoints her 'Emptiness'.

"Do you remember this?" she asks again.

"I killed your family with this." she says "And now it's your turn."

"Do you want to see them" She says "They are lying dead there." She points to the spot where the men are collecting the dead bodies of his family. Rolland looks at them. His eyes wells up. She turns his head towards her with the help of her blade on her cheek. He saw something else in his eyes this time 'Rage' , 'Anger'. It disappoints her again. As she starts to saying something when he tries to hit her but fails miserably. The old man pulls the chain which is tying in Rolland's wrists, which he didn't realize before. As she comes closer to his and push the blade slowly in center of his chest. "I will torture your son and will kill him slowly, slowly until he begs for me to kill him." she says. She meets her eyes with him again now she says what she wants to see 'Fear'.

"Don't!" he growled.

"That's it." she says "Good bye Rolland"

"La Guarda" he smirks.

"Good to know that you know who is your killer."

He tries again to protest when she swings the blade and stab in his throat. She swirls the blade in huis neck and takes it out. She swings her blade in rage again and cuts his throat in one try as a tear falls from her eye. "I avenge you dad."

She stands and asks the old man to hold the head and head out of the mansion. She goes towards the car where a man in black dress as well with muscular body standing beside the car. "No information till now." he said "He is not here yet."

"Let's wait for him here."

"No we can't this old bitch installed some security weapons." old man says as he comes outside of the mansion, "The mansion can blast at any moment we should leave."

"Shit! Call our men and leave." she says "I can't die without killing his whole family."

They left. After some minutes the mansion blasts and turns into ash.

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