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Four girls are born with only one purpose, to save human kind. One has done this before, and as far as she can remember she's always been alone. What's different this time? Why does she need help? "It was some sick, twisted fate to let me finally feel loved and at home and most at peace with everything around me, the day it would all be taken away from me. Again. " Rosalind Fisher Hayley Jones Mia Mayfield Adelina Rizzo Four different girls. Four different personalities. One reason to live. One remembers living a thousand lives, and saved the world in each of them. This time it’s different. Three new girls have been chosen to help Rosalind protect human kind from a threat that they have never encountered before. Can these four girls, four Soldiers, undertake and succeed with the very thing that is the purpose for their existence?

Action / Scifi
Bek Bissmire
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A person who will listen and not condemn

Someone on whom you can depend

They will not flee when bad times are here

Instead they will be there to lend an ear

They will think of ways to make you smile

So you can be happy for a while

When times are good and happy there after

They will be there to share the laughter

Do not forget your friends at all

For they pick you up when you fall

Do not expect to just take and hold

Give friendship back, it is pure gold.

‘A Friend’ by Gillian Jones; 2008

I used my water to help me slide under the truck thrown towards me. The bus following it surprised me, but I managed to jump over it.

On the other side was my one enemy, Noxus.

Noxus really was just a large black shadow that was impossible to see at night, unless you were me and had an uncanny ability to not only see in the dark, but could produce light out of your fingertips.

Noxus grew to the size of a skyscraper during battles, and his size was also heightened by the black essences of souls floating around him. The souls of the people he has torn the hearts out and devoured. The ones I couldn’t save.

The only parts of Noxus that wasn’t black were his eyes, and they were even darker than the rest of him.

To startle and distract Noxus, I summoned a wave of my water and knocked it into him. I then shot bullets of my powerful light towards him, small, quick and powerful, they went right through him. Noxus roared in his usual way when he was attacked by his one weakness, the light, and began shrinking.

I jumped atop a streetlight and this time charged up a large ray of light that hit Noxus right in the chest.

By the time my light ray was disappeared, Noxus had withered back into the shadows of the night where he belonged.

The wheezing of my alarm cut me off from my rare good dream. I wasn’t sure how it happened during my fight with Noxus last night, but my shoulder was insanely sore.

A hot shower helped.

I was getting dressed when Karen, my mother, knocked on my door and peeped her head in.

Karen looked a lot like me, brown hair, blue eyes. Except her age showed on her skin. I could remember living many lives before this one, and I was sure it didn’t even show in my eyes.

“Can I help you?” I asked her as I pulled my shirt down.

“You have a woman here to see you? And don’t give me attitude, Rosalind,” Karen said to me.

I pulled my only skirt and went out to meet this woman. I wasn’t expecting company but when I was introduced to an old woman, definitely older than most women I even talked to on a daily basis, something told me that this was a woman I could trust my life with.

Her blue eyes reminded me so much of my own.

“Hello, Rosalind,” She said smiling at me in her age.

“Can I get you some tea?” I offered her quickly.

“Oh no, dear, I’m fine. Is there anywhere we can talk privately?”

Why privately? I thought.

And as if she read my thoughts, she winked at me and began walking to our backdoor.

I noticed one of my four brothers, Kenny, my personal favourite of the four, was giving me a confused look. I just shrugged at him and followed after the old woman.

By the time I reached her, she was sitting at our small picnic table in the backyard. She looked rather at home.

“Do I know you?” I asked her.

“Not yet, Rose,” She said softly. “But I know you.”

“What does that mean?” I asked sitting opposite her.

“Light Wave is getting a little old, don’t you think?”

I looked at her surprised.

Light Wave was the me I became when Noxus caused trouble or when the world needed someone who could help in ways the police or fire department couldn’t. How this old woman seemed to know, was confusing and most of all, terrifying.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, Rosalind. I will not tell anyone, and yet, no one will remember I am here after this.”

“Why?” I asked as I stood. “Who are you?”

“The one sent to tell you news.”


“It’s time for Light Wave to grow up,” The one woman said after rolling her ancient blue eyes. “The world doesn’t need the young, alone, girl anymore. They need a leader.”

“I don’t want to lead the world,” I said crossing my arms.

“I did not mention anything about leading the world, young one. This life time will prove to be very different from your past lives, child. But you will not face it alone. Keep an eye out for a girl with a heart of black fire, but remember, even the evilest of elements can prove to be the greatest of allies. Keep a watch for a girl of the worst storms, her wings carry more weight than she lets others see. Don’t look past a girl of shining wood, her beauty and grace only hides the fear she feels.”

“What are you-”

“You will not face your future battles alone, Rosalind. The world no longer needs, Light Wave. Now, the world needs Boss.”

I felt my jaw go slack as the old woman produced a small bubble of white water in the palm of her hands. My white water. I flinched as she threw it at me and when my eyes opened again, she was gone.

“Rosalind?” Karen called from the backdoor. “What in heavens name are you doing out here? Get inside quickly! You’ll catch your death this early in the morning!”

“Where’d she go?” I asked looking around for the old woman.

“Where’d who go? Don’t play games, Rose, come inside.”

No one will remember I am here, she had said.

“What?” I repeated to myself under my breath.

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