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Just Read: There is always a story

By Tenisha R. Parker All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Mystery


You wont want to miss this inspiring #1 New York Best Selling Author Tenisha R. Parker CEO of TURF Management of local talent and community advocacy. What is being called New Black Media new characters new production ideas that's remarkable for readers and viewers, with a new prospective.


“To improve social productivity in urban communities. It starts with helping to improve the lives of individuals living in the community.”

I remember saying and seeing what needed to be done and feeling the need to contribute to that cause. There were things that needed to be done in order for others to see their full potential and not be another’s chained and or unchained slave. That type of submission is and should only be reserved for the Lord God. For he is the only one capable of giving life or taking life. for it is said that he make(th) the sun to rise up on the just and unjust. So no one human(s) should be subject to another human(s).

I content with myself the information that intrigues me which that I pursue as I feel enlightens me intellectually. Being informed is helpful in the decision you choice to make for your purpose Reading feed you thinking it provides the information and that the reason I choice to be a writer. Enjoy. Thank you for your support.

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