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More Than Destined

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The first book is about a mother and her background story. Raina grew up in a powerful family and when she turned 18 she found out that her mate is the king of all supernaturals. Both go through a hard time together but when they work together they create a force that can't be reckoned with. The couple battles with jealousy, lies, and backstabbing pasts. Will they get through it? Or was their happily ever after a facade?

Action / Fantasy
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Little Bundles of joy

Italics = thoughts with Athena

Nicknames for the main characters will appear and they are just shortened versions of the names and not typos. Ex: Raina --> Rain.

At some point I did change the way of the dialog. Anytime there are italics I have tried to make it as obvious as I can to show who is talking in Raina's mind.

The form it is written in is different. It is kinda written in present-past form. Things are happening a second before the story is written down.

Thx for y'alls time. Hope you like.

Now to the story.

Little Bundles of Joy

(Raina POV)

“AAAAHHHH!!!! FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!” I screamed sitting in the bed as nurses were running in and out of the room frantically.

“Raina, it’s okay, my love, you are almost done. Just a few more pushes.” My faithful husband Sebastian said as he held my hand.

“To be corrected it actually will push a lot more pushes due to the other three that are inside her.” My twin brother Callum stated in a know-it-all tone.

“Shut up!” I hissed. Although he wasn’t wrong. I was giving birth to quadruplets. And it hurts like a bitch to add on to that the weather outside seemed to match my pain, as it was pouring cats and dogs.

“Congrats the first one is a GIRL!” The doctor proudly announced as they cleaned my child.

“What’s her name, my love?” Bastian asked, tears shining in his eyes.

“Lilith, her name is Lilith.”

Everyone smiled as the doctors took Lilith out of the room. Before I could react, more pain burst through my body, the pain almost unbearable. Five minutes later I gave birth again.

“This time it’s a boy, my queen!” Dr. O’Connelly said. Sebastian looked at me with pride as he said the baby’s name.


I smiled.

After that, it took ten minutes to push out the next child. We decided to name him Christian. Another born and still yet one left. The last baby hurt the most and I could feel its strength as the child pushed through.

The doctor looked at me with tears in her eyes and managed to say “Congrats the last one is a girl, my queen. You are so powerful and I am happy to serve after witnessing these little bundles of joys being born. I can feel their powerful auras. What are you going to name this little princess?”

“Her name is Amber” I mumbled as I fell into a deep sleep watching Bastian cup my cheek and telling me to get all the rest I needed.

(Two weeks later)

I woke up to some really loud snoring and sat up to find my husband sitting in an armchair with his head back and mouth wide open. I looked around at my surroundings and saw that we were still in the hospital so I figured I wasn’t out for long. I smiled at him, found the nearest object which was a styrofoam cup, and chucked it at him. That woke him up immediately and he growled.

“Don’t do that you jerk!” He yelled and then immediately his eyes lit up once he saw that I was awake.

“Finally, Raina, it’s been two fucking weeks. You were out like a log. Nobody could get you to wake up and the doctors were worried sick. I thought you were- ” He rambled but

I raised my finger and cut him off saying “Where are my kids?”

“They are being smothered by our parents.” While he said this I tried to stand up but I could feel my legs shaking and before I could fall he was there holding me.

“Thanks, babe,” I mumbled as he put me back on the bed.

“Stay here, my love, I will go get them.” he chuckled as he kissed my forehead. I watched him walk out of the room and two minutes later he came back with my babies and our parents. Everyone was so happy to see me and there were smiles glued to their faces that literally lit up the whole room.

“You’re awake! God, I thought you were dead!” Callum blurted as he burst into the room after everyone else. My mother smacked him upside the head and shushed him. I just laughed as I saw the little pups in my family’s arms.

“Let me see them.” my motherly instincts and my wolf pushed through my mind.

Where were you this whole time dear friend? I thought.

I was going through the same pain as you but I blocked you out because I didn’t want to burst your brain. My wolf Athena replied.

Hmm well, let’s meet our pups. I reached out my arms like a child waiting for someone to pick them up. I was handed one boy and one girl.

“Which ones are these?” I asked, looking at my husband who was holding the other two.

“Christian and Lilith.” He said.

“Ooooh, hiiiii!” I cooed in my most motherly voice. I looked at them and drank in every detail. Lilith had light brown hair like Sebastian and she had my bright blue-gray eyes. She also had little big lips. They were full and pink. She kinda looked like a mini-me except for her hair of course. I switched my attention over to Christian and he looked the complete opposite. He looked like a mini version of Bastian but had my dirty blonde hair.

“They are so beautiful!” I whispered tears coming to my eyes. I held them for a little while longer and then switched with my husband.

“Hello Amber, hello Xavier I’m your mommy!” I looked at each of them. Amber looked almost identical to Lilith except Lilith had her father’s facial structure. Amber smiled at me and she reached her hand up to my face. Tears came to my eyes just seeing her happiness.

“Hello, my littlest wolf. You are beautiful.” she wiped a stray tear that fell and cooed. I laughed and then looked at Xavier. He looked exactly like Bastian and when I say exactly I mean EXACTLY like him.

“Hello, my son.” All I got from him was a loud fart. We all laughed at that and the nurse came to take them.

“My queen, it is time for their baths and then it will be feeding time. How would you like to feed them?” she asked. I figured she was asking if I wanted to feed them myself or not.

I replied “Let’s do the formula because there is no way I have enough for all of them in me.” the nurse nodded her head and then took my babies away.

“I wonder what their powers will be?” My brother questioned.

“I don’t know dear brother but I can feel the most power coming from Amber. Her aura is very strong and bright. Something tells me that she has all of our gifts and that she will one day be more powerful than me.” I responded and everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

To help y’all out with our gifts, I am part angel, witch, werewolf, and vampire. My husband is a werewolf, warlock, siren, and a little bit of fae. My mother was an angel and my father is the rest of what I am. My twin is just a werewolf. Sebastian’s mother is a witch and fae. His father is a werewolf.

My husband and I are the rulers of all supernaturals so we are hella powerful. Angels are celestial beings and come from heaven. My mother was one of the fallen angels. She is not mentioned in the bible but she is powerful.

My mother was a great warrior before the fall and she was one of the most powerful and because of that she is the queen of angels. She has dirty blonde hair like me and her eyes are white. She is skinny but in a fit way and she is five feet and seven inches tall. Mother is also one million years old and looks like she is forty two.

My father is a tribrid. His warlock side is elemental. He can access earth’s elements with his powers. He has black hair and black eyes. He is muscular but not super muscular. He is six feet and one inch. Father is nine thousand, nine hundred and forty five years old. He looks like he is forty eight. He has the form of a basketball player.

After we discussed the future the nurse came back in with my children and bottles. I fed them each one by one because I wanted them to know that I was their protector and mother. Each time that I fed my children their eyes would turn bright purple except Amber’s. Her eyes turned red.

What does this mean, Athena?

It means that she will be queen and she will be powerful, make sure that she knows Raina. Athena said softly.

The second I zoned back into the room the door burst open and in came my past.

Oh shit, it’s Atticus, my crazy-ass ex.

“Where was my invitation? I thought we were friends. Ugh, rude. Guess I will have to punish you for that.” Atticus pouted.

“Shut up Atticus. Why are you here?” Sebastian growled and looked like he was about to burst.

“Isn’t it obvious? I came to ruin your lives!” He cackled.

Please do let me know if there is a problem and if y’all need more details. I am open to new ideas to fill in my story because I only have an idea for the end and not much for the middle.

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