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Don't judge a person before actually knowing them

By Tiff Wright All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action


As a girl who lives in care who knew that Paris Davis actaully went through the most hateful past in her life and will always and continue to be that girl who is scared and blames herself for what her father did. This story is about where people have always judge someone because of their past and what they have gone through and people judge them on what happens in her life PLEASE DON'T READ IF IT TRIGGERS YOU, PART OF THE STORY IS ABOUT RAPE, I WILL GIVE WARNING WHEN IT DOES COME UP

A bit about me

When I was 6 years old I got taken in to care, from my parents who never loved or cared for me at all, I had to look after my own brother and sisters and the only people who ever cared for me was my aunties. Going into care was hard because I was not the normal kid I was back then, I am know the person who had no parents who ever cared for me. We was all separated my brother and sister who me and my older sister looked after them, we what you called the young parents, my life was never that easy, most people have a pass, but my pass has decided to take control of my life and made me think twice with everyone i meet, I have serious trust issues, not because of them, because of me and what I have gone through. Most of you are wondering why on earth why would someone write about their past, this story is about my past but I will add things that isn’t true to dissolve what people are thinking. I might be the scared girl that was back then, but guess what I am not that person anymore and I will explain why through out this story, this story might be deep and very emotional, some things might trigger you so please if you can’t handle this story please do not read it for your own safety but if you don’t mind it, I encourage you to read it for only two reasons

1. It will show you, everyone you meet will always have a fight, they might seem fine, but you never will know what people are going through.

2. It will show people who are in foster care, who have gone through similar things as me, you aren’t alone and you can fight with your power and you knowledge with some people who don’t know what it is like

This is a bit of background of what it is about

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