Don't judge a person before actually knowing them

By Tiff Wright All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Thriller

Truth is out

As me and Lauren sat talking, she knows something is different about me but never spoke, she knows my background, but not everything, one secret I have and always will keep it a secret, at least that is what I thought, Lauren was talking to me about my parents and wanting to find out some stuff about them, she only wants to know because I woke up screaming and Lauren rushed into my bedroom. Daniel and Katy was out, so it was just me and Lauren, she looked at me and said “what happened Paris, this isn’t about him hitting you, is it” I looked at her and shook my head “what else did he do to you”, I looked down and looked around and Lauren said “he can’t get to you, you know that” I looked at her, was I ready to tell anyone my deepest darkest secrets I was not to be honest, so I said “he touched me in ways, I never wanted” She looked at me and said “he raped you” I nodded and I said “I always have flashbacks” Lauren hugged me and said “he won’t get away with it, he will go down mark my words, he will not be going anywhere near you” I looked at her “does this mean the police will be involved, and my sister won’t know will she” Lauren shook her head “Katy doesn’t have to know and yes the police will know”, that was the last time we spoke of it, the worst part is I never really told her the full story, what about if he find out, what about if this ends up going down hill, my life is always on the edge. Daniel didn’t like it when i was in my room all alone, so he worked so hard and made me a tree house, it was beautifully done, it was in between the trees, the house was up two flights of stairs, with the stairs there was different lights for night time and they had an hand rail, it was made of wood so if I went out in the rain, it won’t be slippy because Daniel put some protector on it and unfortunately here in Wales UK we have nothing but rain, at the top, there was a balcony and patio all around the tree house, the tree house was like a mini house, you can see all over because there was loads of windows and we had a special type of light, in the house there will be a welcome mat and a shoe rack, all the way in, you have two sofa’s, a table, mini fridge and a TV, but also something I love about the house, there was my own music slots, I love writing my own songs and playing the guitar or the piano, I always play songs that inspire me, but recently I was up there more than in my own house, where I should live, I was getting more focused on writing everything down and locking them in a safe, my dad might be clever but he isn’t that good with combinations so it was a bonus.

For the first time in three weeks, the day was so beautiful, so I went to the tree house and got my guitar and sat outside and started to sing a song by Demi Lovato, I didn’t even hear Lauren coming, “Hey there sunshine” I smiled “hello”, this was my space and normally no one comes up here, Katy has a pent house inside her bedroom so she wouldn’t get into my private space Lauren said “I am so sorry but the police are here to see you” I looked at her and breathed this is what I have been doing for the last past month trying to think what I am going to say to them, I might only be 10 but I am a lot stronger since I came to Lauren’s I have been here for 4 years know and its an honor to live here, I smiled and said “I will be down know”, as Lauren walked back down, I went back inside, people always wonder why I don’t call Lauren mam, well my reasons are simple, she is like my mam, but also she isn’t, she is someone’s else’s mam and she is my foster carer, I had the chance to be adopted but I chose against it, I didn’t want to have another family, and my family was already messed up except for the rest of my family, the only people who is messed up is my “parents” I do not class them as parents and never will, I looked the door and made my way downstairs, Katy stopped me in my tracks “Katy I need to go Lauren said the police are here” she looked at me in disgrace “you can’t tell them anything about mam or dad, they are your parents and you will be breaking our family oath” I stared at her and I knew if I told I would literally lose my sister and she might never come back, but for our safety and for our younger brother and sister who is know 7 and 6, they need to make sure they are safe and that means getting our father out of the way “Katy move please, I am doing what I need to do” she looked at me and ran upstairs, I walked to Lauren and sat down, the police officer said “can you tell me exactly what happened with your father and mother”, I looked down at my hands its a shame that a 10 years old girl has to say everything, my sister is thirteen why couldn’t she say it I took a deep breath and started telling my story.....

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