Don't judge a person before actually knowing them

By Tiff Wright All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Thriller


Waking up was the scariest thing alive, my eyes were covered and my hands were tied behind my back, there was tape on my mouth, and I was so sore, I knew what happened he had sex with me and he wants more, what about if I just let him do it, he might not kill me, a man walked beside of me and cut the ropes, and took the tape of my eyes and mouth, he looked so young “please do as he says and answer the questions, otherwise he will carry on abusing you” he walked to the side while I was face to face with the devil, he smiled at me “hello my darling daughter” I looked at him and said “I am not your daughter, all I am too you is a sex toy, what you are doing is illegal did you know that” he looked at me and said “wow, your brainy know, good for you, and I just don’t think you of my sex toy, because you are, I have to help my daughter” I looked at him and said “let me go home then, father” he looked at me and laughed “you are home” I rolled my eyes, a man walked in with food, it looked burnt “here some food and water for you” I looked at him “and after your done, my friend who untied you, wants to have sex so please him after will you, and then I will come back and finished what I started the man looked at him and said ” I am sorry but I cannot do that, to her she is 11 and I am also gay” he looked so shocked and I smirked “bombshell” the man looked at me and smiled “I like your daughter” my father looked at me and said “eat that up, we have a long days ahead of you girl” I stood up when he turned around and ran towards the door, he grabbed me by the shirt and dragged me on the ground, i was getting cut, badly, as soon as he turned me around, a gun was pointed to my head “you move another muscle, you will be shot”, he walked out and tears were starting to fall on my checks, i crawled to the end of the room and into the corner, I lost all of my appetite and was scared to the skeleton, I thought I was safe, I was so wrong, please say that Lauren is looking for me, my sister wouldn’t consider looking for me at all, she was enraged at me including being discouraged at me, she told me that this would happen and I chose to discount those feelings and know look at me, I am in a room that is shady, there was a table and a chair smack down in the midpoint area, there was a door, that was locked and there was no way in hell I could break it down. I will have to be brave like I was when I was back in the house, but this time its me, as I started to think that I was alone, I started to panic like I did before, the walls was closing in fast and I hated it, I started screaming and I blanked out. All I remember is getting carried out of the room.

When I woke up, I was in a bed, with a closet and I thought it all was a dream, just another nightmare, I looked down at me, I was freezing, all my clothes was ripped from the top to the bottom, I tried to get up but I was so sore, once i heard that the door unlocked, I pretended to be asleep, it was the man that was gay, he mumbled quietly “what on earth” as I sat up, he looked alarmed, “it wasn’t me I promise”, I looked at him and said “I know it wasn’t, you said you was gay, so” he looked at me and went to the closet and got some clothes “put these on, I leave for two weeks and this what happens”, I looked at him as I was getting dressed, he was turned around “what do you mean by two weeks” he turned around “yeah two weeks” I looked at him, I have been anesthetized for two weeks “your telling me, I have been out for two weeks” he looked at me and said “whatever panic attack you had was bad” I looked at him and said “I need to go home”. He looked at me and promised “I will get you out of here”.

I have been here for nearly two months and no one has found me, I must have had sexual intercourse every day, I was so tired with it all, I want to be with Lauren, Daniel and Katy, but they aren’t here, my dad came in everyday with something me to do, and in the end I learnt to do what he asked, because every time I said no, he would but me, I have about 10 cuts on my legs and twice as many on my arms, I barley slept just in case something happens. One night I wasn’t feeling very well, and there was blood in my underwear, I knew I have started my periods, which means, I can get pregnant. My dreams and my fears are coming true. It has been two weeks since I came on, it finally stopped, but the sex didn’t I needed to please his friends, everyday there was a new friends. When it reached two months since I have been in this hell hole, the man came in and said “come on, lets get you out of here” as we started to walk he pulled me into a door, as we got through the door to the open, as we ran through the forest, a car was waiting for us, we jumped in, it took us one hour to get to the police office, the police man said to the man “how can I help”, he looked at me and said “my name is Matthew Johnson and I brought Rosie, she has been missing for two weeks” the police man looked at me and said “OMG” he spoke into the radio “this is PC 201919 I have Miss Davis who has arrived here at 10:03 pm, she is hurt all over her body, but she is safe and sound, I repeat Miss Davis has been found” the police man looked Matthew and said “and how did you find miss Davis”, I looked at him and said “he was there sir, everyday he has been trying to protect me and get me out of the place” the police officer said “well, we need to know who kidnapped her” I looked at the police officer “his name is Damian Davis, he is my father” he looked at me and said “where is he know Matthew” he relied “west coast from Sackson Road, he is in an abandoned place, up on the mountain” the police officer said “this is PC 201919, the man we are looking for is Damian Davis, he is the father of Rosie Davis, he was last reportedly seen on Sackson Road, an abandoned house on the mountain”, he looked at me and said “lets get you home, Miss Davis, and Mr Johnson, there will be police protection 24/7 until Mr Davis is found”, as we drove home. The police man knocked the door, Lauren stood there, her eyes were puffy and they were swollen, she had lost a lot of weight, and her hair was dragging down, not pinned up like it was “yes” the police officer said “bringing Miss Davis home” he stepped aside and I managed a smile, Lauren ran out and gave me a cuddle “OMG, Rosie, your home know, finally” I smiled and said “your hurting me” she loose go of me and realized I was bruised from head to toe and I was cut on my arms “who did this too you” I looked at Lauren “my dad, he did it again Lauren, he got his friends as well” she looked down at me and brought me inside and said thank you to the officer, she cleaned my cuts and made me have a bath, because i stunk and I mean I smelled like the sewer, after I was all cleaned and I was put into bed, and I instantly feel asleep, Lauren stayed up to make sure I was safe and sound.

My father was arrested, but he wasn’t going to jail for any of what he did to me, lucky he didn’t make me pregnant.

I stayed with Lauren and Daniel for 7 years, but I moved on from them, and went to a different foster placement, If your wondering why I moved, we were constantly arguing.

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