Don't judge a person before actually knowing them

By Tiff Wright All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Thriller

Losing my baby

After everything that happened with my life, I started to get back to normal, in every way I can, it doesn’t mean that I have forgot everything I remember it all clearly, but I couldn’t let that bother me anymore I need to focus on my life. I became addicted to things like song writing, dancing and one thing that was more important Fifth Harmony, they are my dream come true band, their friendship was unbreakable, I was gutted that they came third they should have become first, but look at them know, they are amazing and they have they first album out Better Together and I love that song so much. I learnt that many people was like me and I started making friends while talking about Fifth Harmony, in the end, I started dating a boy called James Jordan he was lovely, we were together for a year and we had sex, after we had sex he dumped me and told all his mates that he had sex with me, I lost all my friends and I was called the slag with no parents, I felt ashamed and disgusted with myself and my body, so in the end I started cutting myself, everyday I got bullied I would cut myself because it helped me work out the pain, as I was still living in foster care and I was the legal age to have sex, I was starting to get worried, I was late for my period by a week and that was never accurate, I started my period when I was 11 and know I am 17, it doesn’t make sense, I spoke to my foster carer and said about it, she told me I had to get a pregnancy tester, and it came back positive, I was pregnant and I was happy, I would have a little boy or girl to look after, the only problem was the baby would have no dad living with them, I went to college that day and kept it quite, three months after I decided to let James know I pulled him to one side and said “I haven’t told you sooner because I need to know if it was accurate” he looked at me and said “if what was accurate” “I am pregnant, three months to be exact” he looked pale as a ghost and said “it can’t be mine, you slept with someone else admit it” I shook my head and said “no I haven’t your the only person who I slept with, your going to be a dad” he looked at me and said “stay away from me and keep that child away as well” and he ran off, I told my friends as well and they was so excited and they always knew I wanted my own family, since me and my sister Katy ain’t talking anymore, and my younger brother Jhon and Daisy was adopted. I can’t let them know yet, one day my friend said to James “hey mate, congratulations i heard that your going to be a dad” his mates looked at him and said “what” he looked at me and said “I ALREADY TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM ME AND THAT CHILD IS NO LONGER MINE, I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT” his friends looked shocked and his best mate Chris said “mate, you are going to be a dad, I would be thrilled if that was me” James started walking up to me and pushed me straight in the stomach “there, no more baby, exists” I fell to the floor, my stomach was hurting me like mad, I got to the hospital and it was true, I lost my child. I was depressed for a long time after that, and i quit college.

6 months after that, I found out I was pregnant and I was happy once again, but I have no idea who the dad was, I reached 4 months pregnant and found out I was having a little girl, so I named her Camila-Rose Lauren Davis, she was going to be so special to me, I looked after her with everything, but one night, I felt a huge urge in my stomach, and they took me to the hospital and said “you lost her” they had to get her out as soon as possible, I have no idea how it happened, but once again I lost my child, we buried her on the November 30th 2016, and she was placed by my brother, I found out that the child father was my ex boyfriend James, yes we did have sex again.

In that time, I found out that I was Bi-Sexual and have stayed single from then.

My father was finally caught and was sentenced to prison for 7 years

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