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My name is Olivia Evans and from the age of 7 on-wards me and my two best friends, Charlie Brooks and Jordan Miller have had a dream, a dream to become a spy. Our dreams came true because at the age of 7 Charlie and Jordan’s mother (not blood related) gave up her job as leader of SIO and passed it down to us three. The SIO is the Secret, Intelligence, Organisation and from the age of seven on-wards all three of us were taught ,more than 8 languages, highly trained in tae kwon do, karate, mixed martial arts and judo. It might seem a bit crazy but we also learnt to shoot a gun, throw a knife, disarm a bomb and track anyone or anything. Now we are the three best agents in the United States of America and we have been set a mission. But this mission is not any old mission. This very Mission determines whether we are really ready or not to become Superiors (A.K.A: Leaders of the Spy service). And on this mission I will come across many obstacles. Love, guilt, secrets and lies. My agility will be tested to its limit but most importantly I will be going undercover... In a high school... As a nerd...

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Chapter 1

“CHARLIE!” I screech as a lifts me over his shoulder running towards the private jet.

“Charlie put me down right now!” I demand slapping his back. He just keeps walking.

“Jordan help me!” I plead yet he just shakes his head walking.

“Okay you asked for it Charlie.” I place my hands on his butt and give is a big squeeze it makes him loosening his grip allowing me to kick his leg and fall to the ground landing on my feet.

“Owww, what the hell Olivia!” He cries holding his leg.

I shrug my shoulders. “By the way you have a cute butt.” I say casually walking into the plane. I see his cheeks blush red but he just carries on walking to the plane.

“Okay you two can stop flirting now and get down to business.” Jordan announces whilst sitting on a couch in the jet.

“Well first we have to get styled into our new attire and then sort through the evidence we already have.” I say taking my profile out. They both follow suit and we swap folders reading each-others new identities.

First I read Jordan’s.

Name: Nathan Scott (Brother of Alyssa Scott)

Age: 17 (TWIN)

Personality: Jock, popular, well liked, sporty, average grades.

Looks: Brown hair jelled up, normal hoodies and shirts, sneakers, and blue denim jeans.

From: North Carolina

Reason for move: Parents moved for their job.

“Jordan you’re my brother!” I yell excitedly. He chuckles and laugh’s handing me Charlie’s profile next.

“Yup and were twins. But I just found out that you’re a nerd so it sucks how I’m going to be more popular than you.” He replies.

I shake my head no. “Actually Charlie will be more popular than any of us.”

Name: Tyler White

Age: 17

Personality: popular, bad boy girls swoon over, doesn’t care much, lazy, poor grades, rude attitude.

Looks: Blonde sandy hair, crystal blue eyes, leather jackets, latest sneakers, dark jeans.

From: New York

Reason for move: Expelled from old school.

“Well Mr White. I guess we won’t be talking very much seeing as I’m a nerd. But I’m going to be your stylist. Reason being I can make you look hot.” I state proudly.

“Really? Cos all I really need to do is jell the hair up and throw on a leather jacket. Done!” He smiles.

“No, no, no, no, no. It is more than that. Just wait and see…” I trail off.

“Well now that’s done with we need to go over the information we already have.” I slam the book on the table.

This book is the information book. It holds all the evidence and info we need for this mission. When we find something we put it in the book.

“So far we know that the drug lord has his dealers in a high school, which is why we are going undercover to find them. We have each been put into a group. Olivia, in the nerds, me in the normal people and Charlie in the popular gang. Now we need to find out as much as we can about these people. Don’t trust anyone. Looks can be deceiving so don’t get attached.” Jordan tells us sternly. We nod in confirmation.

“We also know that there are about 5 of them in the school so when we know more we can find where the others are situated and catch them. Finally we will have the drug lord.” Charlie finishes.

“Let’s talk more when we get to the agent house. I’m tired.” I mumble lying down on the couch my head in Charlie’s lap and my feel on Jordan’s.

“Goodnight Liv.” They both say.

“Night.” I reply my eyes fluttering close and sleep overtaking me.

After our ride in the plane we have finally reached the agent house. A guy called Carter is the one who is staying at the agent house with us. He is in charge of working with the computer things on this mission. E.g. Hacking school cameras, tracking locations and ear piece devices/speakers.

Carter is quite cool actually he’s 21 and had black hair and green eyes. His jaw is very well defined and he wears glasses. Quite good looking if you ask me.

“So agents here are your new cars. Please do not crash them.” He points to the shining new cars in front of us I hear the boys audibly gasp and I squeal running to the royal blue Audi.

There is also a cherry red Ferrari and a black and yellow Lamborghini. Jordan runs to the Lamborghini and Charlie goes to the red Ferrari.

“Now Olivia I understand that you’re supposed to be a nerd at school so you cannot drive a car this good lookin so Albert got you this one too.” Carter tells me pointing to the old, rust, faded red car.

My face deflates and I raise an eyebrow looking at the boys in disgust.

“Urgh fine but only coz I needa complete this mission.” I groan stepping into the Audi. My face immediately turns into a smile when I see the turbo boost button in the car. Good thing I don’t have to ride the nerd car right now. Someone is going to drop it off to the house along with our new weapons and clothes.

“Let’s go!” I shout out the window. I hear the powerful noise of the engines turn on and I smirk knowing this car is going to be awesome.

I see carters black BMW drive of with the boys following. I change gear and drive behind wanting to see the agent house.

“Wooow, dude this is so cool. Like this is the best agent house we have had since we started missions!” Jordan exclaims as we walking into the new house. And I couldn’t agree more.

As soon as you walk in there are a set of wooden stairs to the right which follow up to a huge space at the top level. To the left there is a living room with a huge TV and couch and then there is an office in the middle as you walk in and through the office leads into the kitchen. I could only imagine the things we would find upstairs.

“Now this the office I will be in at all times. I will have your listening devices ready for tomorrow morning before school and while you’re at school I will point out anything suspicious and find any information you need to know.” We all nod our heads understanding him then racing up the stairs in a hurry to get the best room. I trip Charlie over as he climbs the stairs and he grabs my waist making me fall on top of him.

My head flops to his chest and I let out a frustrated grumble.

He’s smelling gooooood.

I peek up through my eyebrows and see him grinning.

I glare quickly getting up and running to the biggest room.

“HAHA I GOT IT SUCKERS!” I call I hear a string of cuss words coming from Jordan and Charlie showing they were clearly disappointed they didn’t get the room they wanted.

My room is awesome. A huge king sized bed is placed in the middle. I am going to be loving this place….

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